Wofai Samuel: If you want to be a TV presenter you must be self confident

Nigerian award winning media personality, an extraordinary person doing extraordinary things – Wofai Samuel was at the camp with the contestants of Miss Green & White Nigeria beauty pageant season 2. This was during an empowerment workshop organized by the convener of the pageant – Juliet Geoffrey.

Wofai Samuel was one of the speakers and she took them through the ethics of Tv presentation.

Accoding to Wofai Samuel, whether you are hoping to be or simply plan to be working with a television presenter it’s worth knowing what makes a good one.  If you are an aspiring producer you will one day be looking for a presenter for one of your shows. If you want to be on the screen you also need to know what producers are looking for.

Been a red carpet presenter requires you to be familiar with good quality tv shows that broadcast red carpet events. One easy way to excel in a field  is by associating with those in the industry.

A good presenter therefore understands the process of television production. They should be interested and involved in the subject they are presenting and they should have a good understanding of the audience – who is watching and why – because a good presenter is able to engage with the viewers.

A real star is the sort of person who walks in a room and immediately connects with those in it. They have that wonderful way of making you feel you are the centre of their attention. They have a certain sense of ‘presence’, ‘charisma’ – call it what you will. The chances are if they can do that without a camera they can also do it on camera. These people have charm in spades.

Another thing to look out for is to get your voice right. You may already have that perfect sounding TV voice that the industry is looking for. But if not you may have to slightly adjust your voice. You’d be surprised on how many presenters may slightly change their voice to a more appealing range. Some will lower their tone as high pitched voices don’t tend to work well on TV. Others will rid their dialogue of slang words, whilst some slow their speech down so as to be able to hear the words more clearly. Work on your voice quality and texture, pronunciation, use of gestures and over all sound of your voice. Listen to the presenters on TV and listen to their techniques and copy them to get an idea of what you need to do.


While performing TV presenting jobs, never look hunched, don’t slump in your seat, don’t yawn, don’t bite your nails, and never give that wide eyed stunned look! If you look bored why would anyone want to listen or watch you? Always engage and give your best personality to your audience or spectators. If you have a magnetic personality, you will be able to hold the viewers’ attention to the TV show and would thereby contribute to the popularity of the show. Also your personality will give you your uniqueness so that you have your own style to separate you from the rest.

Another important tip is to display appropriate body language especially if as female presenter. Your body language says a lot about your personality and most women on TV bring a glow and bubbliness to the screen that make you want to watch and listen to them. It tells who you are, how confident and capable you are and how good/bad you are as a TV presenter.

If you really want to be a TV presenter you must be confident in yourself. To be an outstanding Tv presenter, you must be confident with high self-esteem.

She concluding by saying that we need to understand that the world has actually become a global village whereby social media has tremendously globalized our activities. As a tv presenter you need to be relevant to social media.

All thanks to the conever of Miss Green & White Nigeria Beauty Pageant for giving the contestants the opportunity to participate in this workshop.

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