See Glamorous Photos from Iyanu & Femi White Wedding

See the glamorous photos of Iyanu & Femi as they Say ‘I Do’. Iyanu & Femi lighted up our screens few weeks ago when we featured their fun pre-wedding photos and cute proposal.

Today we’re going to witness them tie the knot as husband and wife in a glamorous ceremony. With beautiful decor and pretty smiles surrounding them, this wedding could not be more perfect!

It was a wonderful celebration indeed, and all the photos are waiting for you right here.

See The Glamorous Photos
Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily001

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily002

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily003

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily004

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily005

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily006

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily007

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily008

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily009

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily010

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily011

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily012

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily013

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily014

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily015

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily016

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily017

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily018


Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily055

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily056

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily057

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily058

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily059

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily060

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily061

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily062

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily063

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily064

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily065

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily066

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily067

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily068

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily069

Iyanu & Femi WEDDaily070
Photography: ICE Imgery | @iceimagery
Makeup: Oshewa Beauty | @oshewabeauty
Decor: Alveena Events | @alveenaevents


Now that you have seen the glamorous photos. Let’s wish Iyanu & Femi a Happy Married Life

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