Nina & Emmanuel’s Beautiful Wedding

Happy married life to Nina and Emmanuel. From the first time Nina and Emmanuel met, they began to notice how much they had in common. This set the tone for a close friendship which eventually grew into something more romantic.

Nina recalls their beautiful love story:

I met Emma during my NYSC days in 2012. We boarded the same bus to our secretariat, and he paid my transport fare. After some days I saw him again at my place of primary assignment . We got talking only for us to find out we are from same home town. Almost everything about us was same; we stay in same place, we had same PPA, same CDS day and from same state. That made us very close and we became very good friends. After sometime we became very fond of each other and started a relationship.

On the 14th of February he proposed to me.. Awwwwww

PHOTOS by DIKO Photography
Nina & Emmanuel001

Nina & Emmanuel002

Nina & Emmanuel003

Nina & Emmanuel005

Nina & Emmanuel006

Nina & Emmanuel007

Nina & Emmanuel008

Nina & Emmanuel009

Nina & Emmanuel010

Nina & Emmanuel011

Nina & Emmanuel012

Nina & Emmanuel013

Nina & Emmanuel014

Nina & Emmanuel015

Nina & Emmanuel016

Nina & Emmanuel017

Nina & Emmanuel018

Nina & Emmanuel019

Nina & Emmanuel020

Nina & Emmanuel021

Nina & Emmanuel022

Nina & Emmanuel023

Nina & Emmanuel024

Nina & Emmanuel025

Nina & Emmanuel026

Nina & Emmanuel027

Nina & Emmanuel028

Nina & Emmanuel029

Nina & Emmanuel030

Nina & Emmanuel031

Nina & Emmanuel032

Nina & Emmanuel033

Nina & Emmanuel034

Nina & Emmanuel035

Nina & Emmanuel036

Nina & Emmanuel037
Photography: DIKO Photography @dikophotography
Makeup Artist: @debbyluster

Let’s wish them happy married life.


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