More Photos From Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu & Ijeoma Eze’s Wedding

Renowned Nollywood actor and Tinsel star Kalu Ikeagwu is finally off the most eligible bachelors list as he tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart and makeup artist, Ijeoma Eze.

According to Weddaily, the Nollywood actor was reported to have had his wedding introduction recently in Enugu Ngwo, Udi Local Government Area, Enugu.

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The Traditional Wedding
Ijeoma & Kalu001

Ijeoma & Kalu002

Ijeoma & Kalu003

Ijeoma & Kalu004

Ijeoma & Kalu005

Ijeoma & Kalu006

Ijeoma & Kalu007

Ijeoma & Kalu008

The White Wedding
Ijeoma & Kalu009

Ijeoma & Kalu010

Ijeoma & Kalu011

Ijeoma & Kalu012

Ijeoma & Kalu013

Ijeoma & Kalu014

Ijeoma & Kalu015

Ijeoma & Kalu016

Ijeoma & Kalu017

Ijeoma & Kalu018

Ijeoma & Kalu019

Ijeoma & Kalu020

Ijeoma & Kalu021

Ijeoma & Kalu022

Ijeoma & Kalu023

Ijeoma & Kalu024

Ijeoma & Kalu025

Ijeoma & Kalu026

Ijeoma & Kalu027

Ijeoma & Kalu028

Ijeoma & Kalu029

Ijeoma & Kalu030

Ijeoma & Kalu031

Ijeoma & Kalu032

Ijeoma & Kalu033

Ijeoma & Kalu034

Ijeoma & Kalu035
Photography: Nobis Photography @nobisphotography

Source: Weddaily


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