Moments Of Elegance From Mariam & Toyin’s Stunning Wedding

This sweet day which saw the joining of Mariam and Toyin in holy matrimony is everything you want your wedding to be. Totally romantic, overflowing with stunning details and a fun-filled party with your nearest and dearest dancing the day away.

But the best part? The love bursting from every moment.

Thankfully the ever-so-talented Happy Benson Pixels was on hand to capture every moment of elegance and we’ve got it all waiting for you below:
Mariam & Toyin001

Mariam & Toyin002

Mariam & Toyin003

Mariam & Toyin004

Mariam & Toyin005

Mariam & Toyin006

Mariam & Toyin007

Mariam & Toyin008

Mariam & Toyin009

Mariam & Toyin010

Mariam & Toyin011

Mariam & Toyin012

Mariam & Toyin013

Mariam & Toyin014

Mariam & Toyin015

Mariam & Toyin016

Mariam & Toyin017

Mariam & Toyin018

Mariam & Toyin019
Photography by Happy Benson Pixels @happybensonpixels
Hair by @hairbysleame

Source: weddaily


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