Ken is one of the most thoughtful guys I ever met – Newly wed bride Ifeoma, shares her love story

We’ve followed this beautiful couple’s journey from their pre-wedding photo shoot, and now, we’re glad to share lovely images from their white wedding. The love is real. Sweet, passionate, tender love is real. Their love story, by the bride ~ Ifeoma:

Ken is definitely one of the most thoughtful guys I ever met. We met through a mutual friend after I had graduated from medical school and had just started internship. All I wanted to do at that time was to have fun and get my adventurous side on fleek. Getting married or getting into a serious relationship was the last thing on my mind. And so the first time I met Ken, I thought it was going to be on one of those ‘non-commital’ relationships.

But I did notice a couple of things on first meeting; he had great conversational skills and soaring self- confidence. As the relationship grew, I also realized he had the fear of God and he was an extreme gentleman. We stayed in different states but he visited very often and with time I had developed a special kind of fondness for him, the kind that I was afraid to admit to myself. Talking to him was always the climax of my day. It was like having a non-contact masseuse do some magic on you from a distance. And did I forget to mention he had the most soothing voice ever.

I know what I meant when I said Ken is the most thoughtful guys I ever met. I could listen to him talk for hours unending…lol. Of course, there were other things as well. Being the first child in my family, I was used to being assertive. But as I got closer to Ken, I felt like a burden was carried off my shoulders. Sometimes I have this indescribable Hakuna Matata feeling because I know someone special has got everything sorted out and has made my whole world easier. Kind-hearted and totally dependable. And above all, he made me feel exactly the way I wanted to feel-pampered. My engagement was the biggest surprise I had ever had. I honestly didn’t see it coming. And as fate will have it, I took all the little clues for granted. It happened that he got into town the previous day. So on that memorable day, I had just got off from work when he called and told me of a delivery he had to pick up, casually dropping that I could go with him or he could go and pick me up later.

I agreed to go with him to get the package after which he offered for us to check out one of the most exotic restaurants in town with one of his friends. Funny thing though is the fact that he carried his backpack to dinner and offered some form of weird reason when I asked him why he had to. Midway through the meal, he excused himself and went outside. Within minutes, he emerged with the most beautiful bouquet of live roses which he gave me. While I was still trying to recover from the surprise of the roses, he went down on one knee beside me with a box containing a diamond engagement ring. I was confused, surprised,shocked, scared all at the same time. And to crown it all, everyone in the restaurant was clapping.

Everything happened so fast. As much as I love surprises, that was a bit too much for me to handle. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And so, I was dazed for most of the evening. In retrospect, all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell in place: the package contained the live roses, backpack contained the ring box, and so on. It took some time to get used to the ‘engaged’ mode. With time, I realized that saying ‘Yes’ was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Ken complements me. He gives me reasons to thank God for making our paths cross every single day. Ken is indeed an evidence that God does answer prayers.

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ken and ifeoma


ken and ifeoma white wedding





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