Hilarious!! Bride cancels wedding as her groom refused to build toilet

A bride in India called off her wedding with her groom after realizing he had no toilet built in his home.
According to reports on Hindu, the groom had failed to complete the toilet before the day he was supposed to tie the knot.
The bride from Lucknow later agreed to marry another suitor who had a toilet in his home.
It was gathered that the bride and groom were brought together by a local NGO, the wedding date was agreed upon after he agreed to her demand of building a toilet in his house before their big day.
As agreed, they were supposed to get married in a mass ceremony over the weekend unfortunately the bride, called off the wedding after she found out the toilet hadn’t been built.
She was reportedly backed by family members who supported her intention to marry another suitor arranged by the NGO, who met her requirements of having a toilet.

Chai!! Can this happen in Nigeria ?


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