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Michelle & Jo’s Touching Love Story is one that makes you believe in soul mates… two people brought together by a common language and a little bit of fate… an instant connection and understanding, that has only strengthened with time. The amazing pair met in Abuja during a training program and although Jo seemed a bit reluctant, he got bit by the love bug and they started their journey to forever.

Their Love Story As Told By The Bride – Michelle

I got called up to resume a job in Abuja in January 2013 after waiting for almost a year for the job. I however had to go through a 10 weeks training which also involved a trainee attachment with a business office of the organization.

I remember that before I left Lagos for Abuja, my mum sat me down and advised me one night to shine my eyes for a Godly man as she was praying hard for me to meet one soon. One week into my attachment, I noticed this calm, funny, friendly and jovial guy. everyone liked him including me. He was supposed to train me at some point but he declined and I got to know later that he was battling with a recent breakup and needed to clear his head.

I fell sick at some point during the attachment and I guess that got his attention. He started pampering me and taking care of me. This got a few people jealous. When the training was coming to an end, he asked me out but I declined. I wasn’t sure about him and felt he might just go back to his ex at any time.

Fast forward to the end of training, I requested to be deployed to work in Lagos, this got him devastated. He however persisted, we talked a lot over the phone and other means until I was able to make up my mind about him. Our love story continued until September 20 when our forever began.

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