Celebration of Love : Kemi & Gbenga – Elegant White Wedding

A few weeks ago, lovely couple Kemi and Gbenga finally tied the knot at a grand wedding ceremony. This followed their lovely champagne and orange traditional wedding

Her bubbly personality and his irresistible charm make them such a cute couple and their wedding day will undoubtedly inspire you. With a colourful and grand reception, we think it’s safe to say that this wedding was a complete celebration.
Kemi & Gbenga001

Kemi & Gbenga002

Kemi & Gbenga003

Kemi & Gbenga004

Kemi & Gbenga005

Kemi & Gbenga006

Kemi & Gbenga007

Kemi & Gbenga008

Kemi & Gbenga009

Kemi & Gbenga010

Kemi & Gbenga011

Kemi & Gbenga012

Kemi & Gbenga013

Kemi & Gbenga014

Kemi & Gbenga015

Kemi & Gbenga016

Kemi & Gbenga017
Photography: Peculiar Haston Photography | @peculiarhaston

Credit: weddaily


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