Video: Opening speech of the convener of Ladies Talk Forum

Ladies Talk!!! The 19th February 2016 will remain a remarkable day for ladies who participated at the just concluded Ladies Talk forum. This career based event made most people to understand that power has shifted from employers to employee. Ladies out there have dreams, but the path to attain such dreams has been the problem of most ladies.

The convener of the event, Akinremi Victoria Adeyinka took it upon herself to bridge the gap in ladies career choice. She wants all ladies out there to know that career building is not synonymous to job search.

See Akinremi Victoria Adeyinka’s statement about the Ladies Talk event.

Ever since Ladies Talk happened, I have been thinking deep about what to say. See, My story is a deep one full of Amazement, Favour, Blessings, Gods personal interest. December 18th 2015, I turned 25. I was with my amazing special friend Adesoji Femi & I told him I have always wanted to add to peoples lives positively.

I have always wanted to bring happiness to people. And then Just as I was with him, I had the idea of having a ladies forum. He told me to pray about it. He supported me and advised me. The next person I told was my amazing brother from a different womb Emizon Afemikhe I really can’t express how much I appreciate you, You’re the real MVP!!! Just 2 months plans & God worked it out. With divine instructions to make the forum FREE, God told me He will provide and He did.

I wrote lots and lots of proposals, but we only got in 50k cash. Gifts from “MIDEA”, a body under Samsung. Snacks from HIC. Favours were just flowing in like a river. Throughout the journey, God always assured me of success and laughter in the end and it was so.

I remember Mrs Toyin Poju Oyemade & Mrs Dupe Ige were so surprised when they finally met the shanko convener, ME. Guess what, their jaws dropped.

It all lays on two basic things. God & who you call your man or woman. I have a solid foundation in God and so lucky to have the most intelligent man in my life.
Thanks to everyone who participated. It was beyond awesomeness.

Watch video of her speech at the ladies talk event

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