Upcoming Event: 1st West Africa Cold Chain Summit & Exhibition 2018 Holds in Nigeria

The 1st West Africa Cold Chain Summit & Exhibition 2018 organised by The Organization for Technology Advancement of Cold Chain in West Africa (OTACCWA) will hold from Tuesday 13th -Wednesday 14th November 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, GRA, Ikeja – Lagos, Nigeria.

The theme for this inaugural event is“Harnessing Cold Chain Technologies for Post-Harvest Loss Reduction, Effective Healthcare Delivery and Economic Growth in West Africa.” Over the years, Post-Harvest Loss (PHL) has constituted a significant problem and challenge across sub-Saharan Africa, with recent studies pegging rates as high as 50%, especially in perishable nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  This accounts for low incomes for farmers and the high price variations in the supply of these nutritious foods. The significance of cold chain is not only critical to the food value chains for PHL reduction, but also to healthcare delivery as well. The lack of cold-chain impacts on both nutritious foods supply and our health care delivery systems, especially in the storage, transportation and the distribution of these essential food commodities for improving our overall nutritional status and pharmaceutical products such as vaccines for primary health care delivery efforts. It is against this backdrop that OTACCWA was established on June 1, 2018.

At this summit, we shall engage with government, primary producers, private sector, industry, market commodity and trade associations, research and academia, professional associations., development partners and agencies and regulatory bodies to discuss ways to deploy cold chain technologies to address these identified challenges.

Address:         NABG Secretariat, 126 Lewis Street, Lagos Island, Lagos,Nigeria.

Email:              otaccwa@gmail.com             Telephone:     +234 908774 4330

SUMMIT OBJECTIVES for 1st West Africa Cold Chain Summit & Exhibition

  • Discuss the current status of the cold chain industry in West Africa
  • Highlight the importance of the cold chain as catalyst for achieving reduction in postharvest losses, effective healthcare delivery, economic growth in West Africa
  • Emphasize the benefits of deploying cold chain technologies for achieving national/regional food and nutrition security strategic initiatives
  • Create awareness and advocacy on the need for policies on Cold Chain development, regulations, standards and protocols for use in West Africa
  • Outline the untapped business opportunities of the cold chain sector in the Food, Pharma, Healthcare, Innovation and catalyze B2B networking for sustainable development and business growth
  • Stimulate local and international financial institutions to invest in cold chain businesses-manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, innovative technologies,
  • Create the awareness on the need for cold chain equipment meant for postharvest loss reduction to benefit from the import waivers granted to agricultural equipment/reduction in tariffs
  • Highlight the importance of conducting cold chain mapping IN West African Countries to determine current capacity and required actions for improvement
  • Convening of stakeholders to elect substantive leaders for OTACCWA to drive the activities of the organisation.
  • Determine the training needs, technology gaps, and capacity building required for effective development of the cold chain industry in West Africa
  • Identify key research and development needs that are adaptive and appropriate to West Africa.
BENEFITS OF ATTENDING · Update your knowledge about current trends in Cold Chain Technology · Learn from Cold Chain industry experts both local and international ·Learn what other companies are doing to overcome their own challenges. · Meet Leaders from industry – Food, Pharma, Chemicals, FMCG, Retail, Logistics, Exporters and Cold Chain Service Providers. ·Meet new suppliers, see new products and innovations and network with Industry leaders. · Better understand your modal choices, possibilities and get insights from fellow companies on their Air, Road and Ocean Freight Strategy.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND ·         Research and Academia ·         Professional Associations/Organizations ·         Policy Makers and Government Agencies & Parastatals ·         Financial/Insurance Institutions ·         Farmers, Trader and Market Associations ·         International Organisations-Donor Agencies and Development Partners

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