Arab Economic Summit holds in January

Lebanese President Michel Aoun, has said that the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit would be held on the 19th and 20th of this month in Beirut.
Aoun made the remarks during his meeting with Tunisian Presidential advisor Lazhar Al-Qorawi Al-Chabi, who visited Lebanon to invite Aoun to the Arab League Summit scheduled in March in Tunisia.

He explained that the summit is an important event that would strengthen political and economic relations between Lebanon and Arab countries, despite the political deadlock in forming a new government.

“The absence of a government in Lebanon is not a reason for postponing the summit, because the caretaker government is exercising its powers in accordance with the Constitution.’’

Earlier this month, political sources told Al Jumhouriya, a local newspaper, that the Secretariat of the Arab League was considering the possibility of postponing the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit (AESD).

The newspaper said the possibility of postponing the summit was because of the absence of a government in Lebanon. Rafic Chlala, spokesman of the Beirut summit and Lebanese president’s media advisor said on Jan. 4, that Lebanon had not received request from the Arab League or any other entity for postponing the summit.

AESD was formed as an exclusively economic and developmental conference that tends to involve the private sector, including banks, chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture. News agencies had previously reported that Lebanon would host the 30th edition of the Arab League summit in 2019, but report clarified that the country would instead host the 4th AESD summit.

Lebanon’s president and prime minister, meanwhile, arrived in Saudi Arabia to participate in the 29th edition of the Arab League summit on Sunday.

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