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Join Eventnews Africa on Twitter this Saturday 24th September, 2016 as we host a fast rising Nigerian gospel singer popularly known as Emizon. We will be discussing on the inspirations behind his new track #OwoFunJesu.

We all have questions to ask Emizon, don’t we?

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Don’t miss out on this conversation with the guy behind Owo Fun Jesu

Owo Fun Jesu was inspired by the need to celebrate the good things Christ has done and the need to appreciate him with our actions.

Owo fun Jesu is a revealing to the need to always clap in appreciation to God for what He has done through His son Jesus Christ.

In our today’s world, we have almost shifted focus from giving thanks to God and celebrating his sovereignty to giving awe to man because of immediate gratification.

Our faith in God has diminished to a point of low resolve and to be a booster, Owo Fun Jesu was recorded in other to bring celebration and thanksgiving to the body of Christ irrespective of the situations we have taunting us.

The song was also inspired by the need to groove and celebrate through music knowing that Christ is the best thing to have happened to mankind.

According to Emizon, music for him as an artiste is to put good message out there. Music and using words are the most powerful tools on earth. So his mission is to use these powers to put out good messages because he believes he can revive souls and build the next generation through the words of his lips in a faith that is focus on God.

We know you have more inspiring questions. Joins us this Saturday with the hash tag #EventnewsChat #OwoFunJesu


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