Do You Know That Yabatech Offers Professional Trainings?

Yabatech Consult, an arm of Yaba College of Technology have made significant impact in the training and consultancy service industry since inception. The Consult was established in 1986 to provide qualitative, industrial and educational consultancy services to both public and private sector of the Nigerian economy.

Here are the professional training offered.

General Management Courses

  • Do you interact with internal or external customers?
  • Are you a project team leader?
  • Are you a personnel officer, Administrative Officer, registry staff, Potential and Prospective Entrepreneur?
  • Are you a clerical office assistance, Secretarial Assistant?
  • Are you a document Controller, Store officer?
  • Are you Operational Manager or business Planner?

Financial Management Courses

  • Are you an, auditor or an Account Officer?
  • Are you an Account, document controller, Logistic Manager Senior Manager?
  • Are you a manager in the civil service?

Store Administration Courses

  • Are you a store Manager or an Event Planner,
  • Facility Manager, Logistic Manager, Account, an Auditor?
  • Are you a Business Analyst?
  • Are you a Computer Programmer or an IT Business Manager

Marketing Administration Courses

  • Are you a Sales Representative or a Sales Manager?
  • Are you a Training Manger or and Personnel Manager?
  • Are you a Customer Officer or Service Manger?

Production and Maintenance Management Courses

  • Are you a Driver, Electrician or a Mechanic?
  • Are you a Maintenance Officer, Utility Engineer, or Maintenance Manager?
  • Are you a Project Manager, Facility Operator or Utility Engineer?

Industrial Safety Management Courses

  • Are an Environmentalist, a Safety Officer, a Medical Officer or a Quality Control Manager?
  • Are you a Food Service Manager, a Restaurant Manager or Hospitality Industry worker?

Professional Diploma in Information Communication Technology

Advanced Professional Diploma in

  • Networking
  • E-Marketing/Online Trading
  • Data Processing land File Management
  • Security Management in Computer Systems

Do you know what? if you find yourself in any of the categories above, then you are qualified for such training.

 Click here to view full Training catalogue

You can also call any of the following:

Program officer 08024883626, 08023842578

Training coordinator: 07053791189, 08034648878

Director: 08076392284, 08023555821




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