#MorningTips: Top 15 business ideas In Nigeria.

Good Morning Eventnews Readers welcome To Another Tranquil Day… I guess you all slept well(slept like a baby) Lol!. Hope You Enjoy Yesterday Morning Tips Edition… Today We are moving To Another Edition And its Going To Be Tips On Some Business Ideas in Nigeria That can Make you extra income. If you’re a small business owner or student, This is a good news for you. The most Fascinating part of the tips is that most People can start the buisness Ideas in Nigeria(very simple)…The Ideas are:

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1. Consultant

This business depends on your area of
specialization. If you are a business couch, life coach, Physician, Business consultant then this is relatively easy to do on weekends. Just allocate time for all your clients on weekend and deliver your best service to them. You can use the
experience you have gathered in your area and
help others to avoid making such mistakes mostly
in business, life or health.

2. Sports bet

Sports betting in Nigeria have become a kind of
lucrative and legal business to do mostly on
weekends in Nigeria. I knew a friend who has
made above half a million Naira from sports
betting. Why you have to do this on weekend in
Nigeria is because most crucial matches are
played during the weekend like the English
Premier league, Spanish Laliga, German
Bundesliga and so on. There are some centers
across Nigeria where you can do the sports
betting and also some relative online website that
offers good service on sports betting like

3. Website designer

If you have a good knowledge in this field then
you can make more money on weekends designing
websites for clients are updating information for
existing websites. Many companies will like to
own a website in order to reach out to their
customers and this is your opportunity to extend
your advertising scope to this companies that may
not have a website. Tell them the importance of
having one and they will make you their
webmaster and also bring you more customers for
your job.

4. Fresh juice extractor

If you are an employee, then you can easily do
this business on weekends. Buy a juice extractor
machine which is very cheap with a price target
of 45,000 Naira or less for a juice extractor and
you can use one machine to extract different type
of juice provided you do it one at a time. Extract
fresh juice and sell to some restaurants, fast
foods, grocery stores, wine bars, beer bar and
other places. Many Nigeria s now prefer to drink
fresh juice rather than carbonated or
preservative juice as fresh juice is good to

5. Computer Repair

This is very good to do on weekends and mostly
for students who are knowledgeable about
computer software and hardware. Repair people’s computer, reformat, and
buys some Cds on how to do these things in case
you are not yet an expert on it. You will make
more money especially when your client refers you
to another and another.

6. Cake Bakery and Pie

If you are very good in baking cakes and meat
pie, fish pie and other related bakery products
then you can do it always on weekends and sell to
stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and
other potential target that will be good. You will
make so much money when you are known for it
and many people need cake and pie for their
kids for snacks.

7. Freelance writer

If you are very good in writing without simple
errors and have a niche where you are very
knowledgeable then you can be a freelancer.
Many publications, newspapers, blogs in Nigeria
need online contents in the form of stories,
reports, Ideas, and since you have skill on writing
then you have an advantage. Some blogs that you
can write for are Eventnews, Enterprise Boom,
realwritingjobs, freelancewriting, NigeriaUvocorp,
freelancer and you can search about others.
Contact many Nigeria Newspapers and ask for it
and you can do this on weekends and submit
while you are most likely to paid on week days.
You only need a computer and internet connection
to get started.

8. Beauty and make up artistry(Weekends)

This is mainly for females who can actually to the
manicure and pedicure. You can do this on
weekends and get paid to your friends, co
workers, and other people. People have occasions
to attend on most weekends and girls mostly like
to do this on weekends, so this is a very lucrative
business you can do on weekends in Nigeria.

9. Jewelry selling

This is a nice business if you deal on good
jewelries. Many people will call you for this on
weekends as they are mostly busy on weekdays.
Have a genuine supplier of real Gold and other
forms of jewelry and advertise your products to
people that are influenced by such and you will
smile your war always to the bank.

10. Hair Stylist

For men and mostly for women. In Nigeria most
women change the style of their hair on weekends
and most men shave twice a week and mostly on
weekends. If you have a little space where you
can do this, then you will make a lot of money
that may even lure you to leave your present job
and concentrate fully on it.

11. Tutoring

If you are a teacher or good in teaching then you
can tutor people on weekends, After school, most private
lessons centers in Nigeria, Schools and some
parents who prefer private tutoring to their
students will require your service. It an easy to
do business in Nigeria. Especially weekends.

12. Computer training Services

This is very good if you have knowledge about
Microsoft words, Excel, Publisher. Corel draw etc..
You can start your lesson session or join with
other small business that offers the service. You
will be paid and if you enjoy your job, you are
more likely to earn more money.

13. Ice cream maker

If you can make a good ice-cream then doing it
on weekends will be a very good idea considering
you have their Jobs you do in weekdays. Make a
good ice cream and freeze it and supply to
stores, fast food restaurants, schools etc.

14. Soap making and
spa products

Making some bar soaps on weekends is very
lucrative if you have the small machine used in
doing it and also the necessary raw materials.  It is very good to do in
weekends and if you wish to make it a full time
business then you will consider expanding your

15. Party tent and Chair rental business

Many events in Nigeria are done on weekends
and if you can rent out some of the items used in
decorating the event then you may smile your way
to the banks always. Buy or lease the items and
make money with it. This is very lucrative and
some employees have quit their work to do this in
a bigger picture.

That’s all…..Drop comments, let’s know your thought and also try to share to people outta there, you can save someone with this..


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