Upcoming Event: Wealth Initiative Summit for Entrepreneurs | #WISE2017

Wealth Initiative Summit for Entrepreneurs is an initiative birth from deep thoughts and reflection on economic expansion and wealth creation, many businesses dies not in the lack of ideas but deficiency and compromised ability, focus, drive and executable tools.

First of its kind in this region is an epoch summit structured to re-position that dwindling business as the right consultations has been made to circumvent the loop holes through practical, life implemented and applicable strategies both from the USA and Nigeria.

In this regards, experts has been partnered to help you learn how and what action plans need be taken in sustaining your business in the present economy.

Making profit is one thing but maximizing your profits for expansion requires initiative and pro-activeness.

This summit gives you an opportunity to meet with top executives and professionals who made several digits in an unstable business environs and you will have a platform to share constructive ideas applicable for your personal and business development.

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Meet the organizer of Wealth Initiative Summit for Entrepreneurs

ALEXIS PARRIS is the founder and CEO of Anomalies at Work, a company dedicated to train, motivate, and equip professionals to live an abundant life. She is also a Personal Development Speaker with over 200 videos on social media spreading the message of self-improvement across the world. She runs a private Facebook group to help those who want to create more in life and has been featured on multiple radio shows sharing her story and personal development strategies.

When she is not running her company or on speaking engagements, she is also a trained dancer who has been accepted into top dance institutions such as the Ailey School and is an award-winning performer and choreographer. Alexis has a heart for people and is on an unstoppable mission to create a global impact and to change lives. Anomalies at Work invite you to step forward and join forces in promoting a leading-edge education among Entrepreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria. We anticipate that the Alexis Parris program will be an important and very valuable step in the future success of Lagos companies, particularly as they emerge on the world stage

Event details for Wealth Initiative Summit for Entrepreneurs | #WISE2017

Date and Time

Fri, Mar 24, 2017, 9:00 AM – Sat, Mar 25, 2017, 6:00 PM

Location: Lagos


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