Summit for reconciliation between Nigerians and their leaders hold today

Concerned Nigerian Christians’ Forum (CNCF), has put up a summit themed “National Healing, Reconciliation and Unity“, which will take place today Friday 25th January at Presidential Banquet Hall, Aso Rock Villa, Abuja.

The faith-based organisation want to use the summit to called for reconciliation between ordinary Nigerians and those in the position of authority to foster peace and unity in the country.

The national coordinator of the group, Isaac Balami, during a press briefing said that the summit would bring together 3000 guests made up Christian leaders from various denominations across Nigeria. He added that the event will strengthen the relationship among Christians, government and other religions.

Balami pointed out that the battle the nation is facing would not be won by might or right but by grace.

He noted that Nigeria is in dire need of a unifying force armed with Christian ideals and purpose in order to support her in re-invention of a more purposeful national identity.

According to him, “If Nigeria fails in this noble cause the result shall be devastating with further polarization of our people, deepening of our disharmony and a robust harvest of pain and chagrin, which are inimical to the peace and development that we desire and that we deserve as a nation,” he stated.

He explained that the civil war, ethnic clashes, insurgency and hate speech are the factors responsible for the pains and hate harboured by many Nigerians.

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