Saturday’s Premier League: What Next For The Red Devils?

Premier League comes up this Saturday as it’s been a rough week for Manchester United. Man U suffered a loss to Wolfsburg in the UEFA champions league in which it was a crucial decisive match for the former club. This loss has brought scrutiny from faces all over the world, their stars abilities are being questioned and there have been a question upon this new side’s style of football.

Premier League

Fans and pundits have deemed their style of play boring and unattractive. It’s such a pity that the once champions of England who boasted formidable frontline and attacking football that attracted eyes from far and near are now said to be woeful in front of goal. So far this season, they have forged a solid defense but declined in attack. Tuesday’s loss saw the red devil’s bow out of the competition and left them relegated to the Europa league.

Gaffer Louis Van Gaal has been  questioned about his boring and unattractive football, and fans clamour for a change instantly.

Expectations for Saturday’s Premier League

As united hope to regain focus for their away premier league match against Bournemouth this Saturday, fans and pundits await to see how this dull side would thrive from their former abysmal performance and look for improvements.

Bournemouth who had a terrific game last week would look to take all positives to Saturday’s game. with Bastian banned by the FA for misconduct on Westham’s Reid and Darmian sidelined, what is to be expected from this team??? Lvg would have to go back to the drawing board and turn things around for better.

With each match going by,united fans watch with frustration and discontent and if it goes on like this the fans would clamour for a new coach. The ball is in under fire coach LVG’s court. It’s up to him to not only save his job but his reputation as well. All eyes on the red devils for now.

What are your expectations for this weekend’s premier league between Manchester United and Bournemouth?

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