Dani Alves pens emotional farewell letter to Barcelona fans

Brazilian right back Dani Alves has confirmed his departure from the Catalan Giants. According to Barcelona, Alves will be leaving Barcelona for another club this season.

“In one month it will be eight years since my arrival at Barcelona,” Alves wrote.

“In July 2008, I came to this club for the first time and occupied the dressing room in which I have experienced the most important accomplishments of my career.

“From day one, from the first training session under Pep Guardiola, until the last of this season, I have had the fortune to enjoy football passionately.

“I have dozens, hundreds, of images recorded in my mind of moments shared with all of you in Camp Nou, from the pitches of the greatest stadiums in the world, in the streets
of Barcelona.

“Many goal celebrations, the happiness in the forms of titles. I am a privileged, honoured footballer, for whom life has allowed him to wear the shirt of the best club in the world in an incredible decade for the quality of its players and coaches.

“I could mention one-by-one all the extraordinary people with whom I have had the pleasure of overcoming challenges and difficulties in the many ways that have been
presented throughout this time, but I prefer to give them a collective thanks, because in the Barca dressing room there is no place for individuality: we all win, we all lose and we
work together.

“Pulling the ship is the presidents, the coaches, the coaching staff, the club workers – thank you very much to all of them because I have always been rewarded with their trust and support for my efforts.

“With this letter I do not say farewell, I just want to let you know that I made the decision to seek a new challenge in my career. This is my time. I go, but I will return, because
I’m a Cule. Thanks for making me feel so loved.”

Dani Alves has won six La Liga titles, four Copa del Rey crowns and three Champions Leagues. He is currently linked with Juventus FC in Italy.

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