AFN Is Set For Five 2019 Golden Leagues

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria is set for its proposed five Golden League meets for 2019.

The federation released its tentative calendar of activities for the year listing five Golden Leagues among the events.

The first Golden league is scheduled for March 1 and 2 while the second event holds on March 22 and 23. The third is scheduled for April 12 and 13 while the fourth and fifth are scheduled to hold on May 2 and 3 and June 21 and 22 respectively. None of the Golden League meets have a venue yet.

Technical Director of the federation Sunday Adeleye told journalists that the federation was able to secure sponsors for the events, adding that the AFN would keep to its promise of organising only national competitions and trials.

He said, “The AFN kept to its promise of not organising the Golden League this year and focusing on national trials. We have been able to secure sponsors for the five meets this year and the only thing the federation will do is the preparations for the All Africa Games and the World Championships as well as the junior competitions.

“For the Golden Leagues, the AFN will only provide the technical support needed while each sponsor will reveal their packages for the athletes when the time comes.”

Adeleye said the athletes should look forward to a high entry standard because the federation was looking to select only the best athletes for the All Africa Games and the World Championships.

“We are going to look at the IAAF Standards and set our own benchmark for the competitions this year and I can assure you that they will be high. Nigeria will not be attending competitions for jamboree. We want to compete and win so we are only looking for the best athletes in each event ahead of the competitions,” he said.

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