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US POLLS: Green Card Tearing, Prophecies and Election Results

The US. Presidential election may have come and gone but someone’s green card must be turn. Yes … Trump wins against all odds and media permutations clinched the ticket to the white house as the 45th elected president of America. Of course, globally, especially Nigerians and Africa at large didn’t see that conning and threw all their weight behind a Clinton victory.

But in the meantime, that’s not the news. Trumpets are blaring for Trump and the whole world is watching at the trim of events around the world.

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In Nigeria, prophecies from a popular preacher sealed all hopes of a Clinton’s victory. This however went in the negative and many are questioning the ingenuity of such prophecies especially as it is supposed to be God’s word. Hmmm…. sealed lips though.

As if that was not enough, in the wake of the campaigning, popular Nobel Laurette Woke Soyinka threatened to tear his GREEN CARD if Trump wins. So every Nigerians have not fund this threat funny as they expect this grey haired statesman to keep his words.

This would be in the interest of integrity and retaining public respect .

With the caliber of prof. Soyinka, it would be some great auction items to have his turn green cards. Maybe, it could mean a privilege of a lifetime.

Don’t you think a laminated piece tagged “Wole Soyinka’s Turn Green Card” could be a historic item and may be a national holiday to mark the GREEN CARD DAY.

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The media would be informed at a conferences to announce activities of the tearing and the dignitaries that would grace the occasion.

All fingers are crossed waiting for the outcome of this.

In the meantime, our ears are itching for the announced date or the epoch making post – “Election Comments from Soyinka”

Anyway, congratulations to Donald Trump on his victory at the polls.

US POLLS: Green Card Tearing, Prophecies and Election Results


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