People Are Been Evicted From Their Houses At Alagbado – #CourtOrder


Information just getting to us states that houses are been LOCKED and people are been evicted from their houses at Alagbado-moshalashi area of Lagos State. This action was said to be granted by High court with court order ID-267-84..

This country has actually become something else. Peoples voices needed to be heard.

Written by Michael Onyemah

Michael Onyemah is the CEO and founder of Eventnews Africa. He is a young Entrepreneur, a web developer, system engineer and IT Solutions provider.


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  1. The Slave regime has ended , i am worried the way people just because of their own selfish interest will descend on citizens an treat them like animals. Tenants, Families,Landlords,Schools, were all affected, rendering them homeless , abuse of their citizenship and human rights!!

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