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National Event: Osinbajo Brings Peace To Niger Delta – Loyibo

Following the visit of the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo to some states in the Niger Delta region,The Convener of the Niger Delta Peoples Congress, NDPC, High Chief Mike Loyibo has said peace has returned to  the region.

According to him, the ceasefire agreement secured with the militants would remain permanent.

Speaking to Journalists in Abuja yesterday Loyibo said  that Osinbajo’s visit was part of the yearnings of the people who had longed to be involved in the affairs of their region while expressing gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari led administration for eventually heeding the peoples call .

 He said: “Well, when we assess the issues generally, my view has been that you can’t  develop the Niger Delta without her people’s participation and this is the first time that any government ever is involving the critical stakeholders at all levels and so the consultation is a continuous one. The Buhari regime has done has so much.

“The Acting President went to the heart of the place. He has visited Delta State. He has visited Bayelsa State. He has visited Rivers State and he was also in Imo State (Oil Producing) and now he’s slated to go to Ondo by Monday. If not because of the weather problem, he would have been there on Friday. So, these are some of the proposals and suggestions we gave to the presidency.

“So, for me, peace is gradually returning to the troubled region and because we believe in the leader that we have and we know with key stakeholders like Rotimi Ameachi around him, we know that they are so concerned.

Ameachi has been advocating has been advocating for a better deal for the people of Niger Delta even under Jonathan. A lot of people you are seeing today were not talking under Jonathan. That’s why sometimes I ask questions. The problem of the Niger Delta is with the Niger Delta people. How can NDDC be doing boreholes, the state or local  government will also be doing same. So, there is no synergy, no masterplan. And they say they have awarded so much of whatever and the effect is not on the ground at all levels?

“So, the people that are managing the Niger Delta resources are not from the north, west. The problem is with us. But thank God that the president is actually interested in the development of the region and when I interacted with Ameachi, the leader of the region, he is also very ready and serious to ensure that we put money in the development of the people. Not in the past where only 3 or 4 people will pocket all the money for their own enjoyment to the detriment of the people.

“How can you destroy? If you say this property is your own, do you destroy it to get attention? How do you destroy? Part of this destruction, to some extent, is instigated by politicians that are afraid of the Buhari government. Another part is boys that are genuinely concerned about a better deal for the Niger Delta people. We know ourselves. Destroy what? You have seen the effort of government and you want to destroy.

“If you destroy, will you not be polluting your area? What we need now is to come together. That’s why we are proposing a Stakeholders summit. The leader, Rotimi Ameachi has given his support for a stakeholders summit where the government and the people will meet.”



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