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How Animals Celebrate June 12

June 12 in Nigerian history is not just another calendar day. June 12 is regarded as the authentic ‘Democracy Day’ as against the ‘May 29’ date popularly celebrated by the Federal Government. June 12 holiday is a day to remember chief MKO Abiola. MKO Abiola was a frontline businessman and formerly friends with military officers who ended up denying  his electoral victory.

As Nigerians celebrate June 12, the animal Kingdom is also having feeling of great happiness and triumph. According to a recent publication on Vanguard Online News Platform, the reason for June 12 celebration in the animal Kingdom started about 5 million years ago.

This happened after the beasts overthrew their masters in the land of animals, some groups of chimpanzees employed as vigilante in the land seized the rifles of their dethroned masters and took leadership of the animal kingdom by force.

It was a harrowing experience for every animal in the kingdom. The armed chimpanzees ravaged the land. They stole the food belonging to the rest of the animals, overran and stole the crops in the common farms, polluted and pooh-poohed inside all the streams from where the animals got their drinking water. The lions were not happy, but there was nothing they could do.

The chimpanzees were armed. However, after some meetings and discussions with the rest of the animals, the armed chimpanzees agreed to return power to the lions who were kings of the jungle before the masters came. The chimpanzees set June 12 as the date on which the animals will choose the lion that will rule over them. Two lions, from which the animals must choose, were selected.

One of the lions, Lion Afot, came from the uphill part of the animal kingdom, while the other, Lion Aloiba, came from the valley side. The head of the armed chimpanzees, Chimpanzee Adignabab, and many other chimpanzees were from the uphill side of the kingdom.

On June 12, the citizens of the animal kingdom chose Lion Aloiba from the valley side as their king. Chimpanzee Adignabab was not happy because Lion Aloiba who was chosen came from the south.  Chimpanzee Adignabab, therefore, cancelled the selection and refused to hand power over to Lion Aloiba. The animal kingdom erupted. There were protests all over the kingdom, which forced Chimpanzee Adignabab to resign and hand his guns over to another chimpanzee from the uphill, Chimpanzee Ahcaba. Then Chimpanzee Ahcaba went on a killing rampage.

He mowed down every animal that stood on his way, ravaged the entire kingdom, herded many lions, and even some of his fellow chimpanzees who disagreed with him, into prison. Finally, Chimpanzee Ahcaba captured and put Lion Aloiba into prison for working so hard to claim the mandate his fellow animals had given to him.

Hell was let loose. It became a war between Chimpanzee Ahcaba and Lion Aloiba; and between the lions and the chimpanzees. The entire animal kingdom got torn into pieces; all animal activities came to a halt. Soon, other animals in distant lands that had farms in Chimpanzee Ahcaba and Lion Aloiba’s kingdom became worried about their investments and hatched a plan that will solve the whole problem.

The plan was to murder both Chimpanzee Ahcaba and   Lion Aloiba. With that plan, the animals from foreign land approached the top chimpanzees and lions in the animal kingdom. “It is a good idea,” the top chimpanzees and top lion agreed. “But how can this be done successfully?” they asked. “Don’t worry,” the foreign animals said, “we know that Chimpanzee Ahcaba loves to sleep with some wayward female chimpanzees from our land, and he also loves to eat a particular fruit that grows on our soil.

We will poison some of the fruits and have some of the wayward female chimpanzees from our land feed Chimpanzee Ahcaba with the poisoned fruits.” “That’s brilliant,” what about Lion Aloiba, how do you intend for him to die?” “Same way, by poisoning; Lion Aloiba loves to drink agbo. We will give him some agbo made of some poisonous roots.” The following day, there was uproar in the animal kingdom: Chimpanzee Ahcaba was dead! There were jubilations everywhere.

A few days later, the joy of the animals in the kingdom, especially those in the valley side, was caught short. Lion Aloiba was dead too! Peace returned to the land of animals. But it was, as they say, peace of the graveyard.

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