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General Buttnaked The Notorious Mass Murderer Is Now A Pastor!

The Notorious Liberian Warlord Joshua Milton Blahyi also knows as “General Buttnaked” is trying to raise money for a charity to restore former child soldiers, Many are not convinced since the former warlord recruited and trained child soldiers for his own army during the war.

This is how the notorious Liberian Warlord Joshua Milton Blahyi looked like back in does days.


This is what the General had to say,

“The country we destroyed is the country we want to rebuild, Joshua Milton Blahyi.”

Blahyi and his child soldiers were famous for fighting naked on the streets of Monrovia during the war against Charles Taylor. He later evaluated that he killed roughly 20,000 people in the conflict amd a handful number of atrocities like conducting human sacrifices.

Now Blahyi claims he is a sanctified born-again Christian & a street pastor, trying to help child soldiers and others affected by the war.image


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