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Facebook shuts down The Shade Room’s 4.4 million strong page for copyright violations

The Shade Room’s Facebook page which is a gossip and entertainment platform, especially about African-American movie, Tv, music and reality stars got shut down this week.

It is undoubtedly one of  the fastest growing entertainment platforms that had 4.4 million followers in just two years after its launch.

The founder, Angie Nwandu had said on Monday to Nieman lab that they had been reported for violations in the past, she felt they were being targeted. She was clueless to what brought the take down as she was the only one approving posts for the page.

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to Buzz feed News that the reason for the removal was due to copyright violations.

As Facebook has not reinstated the page, the platform has popped up again, and at the time of publishing, now has 1,000 followers.


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