Experience exquisite living – Buy a plot at OPULENCE ESTATE

Reasons to Buy into Opulence Estate

1. In that uptown part of Lakowe Town, Opulence Estate is the lowest priced as at today. Done on purpose by mgt as an introduction into the market. Other lands within gated Estates range between N13.8m – N33m per 600sqm plot as today. Omonile lands could be cheaper but more trouble.

2. That portion of land is 100% dry considering that Lakowe is not a completely dry location. Even within the Golf course some portions had to be sandfilled. And in the height of any rainy season, Golf Road does not flood over.

3. It’s proximity to the major Expressway makes for easier accessibility. It is also 25mins drive to the Central Business Hub of Ibeju Lekki. The Dangote project sits on approx 60,000 acres of land, to begin in 2019, produce approx 650,000 barrels per day with 50% capacity in just 3years, create over 18,000 direct jobs not to mention adhoc services setup to complete the supply chain of operations. Lots of businesses will move towards this way, with their top mgt or expatriates looking for posh locations (not necessarily within Refinery environs but near enough to commute) to live.

4. The nearness to the prestigious Lakowe Lakes and Golf Resort makes for easy networking (mind you this axis has been termed New Lagos, New Money, which accounts for the speed in land appreciation). The astute businessmen ( more or less refered to as old money)who bought into Ikeja GRA, Magodo, Lekki 1, Oniru etc way back when it was still Maroko clearly understand the game & are still mopping up choice locations within Sangotedo to Epe.

5. Back in early 2011, I used to receive emails about available lands for sale at Sangotedo and the prices were quite affordable. I knew I could afford the instalment plans but my predominant thought was “Where on earth is that? It is far o”. I didn’t live in Lagos at the time and just couldn’t see beyond my nose, but ironically I had cause to relocate towards Abraham Adesanya/ Sangotedo axis the very next year. It used to take me 30mins to drive to V.I on a busy day but fast forward 2017, that’s no longer the case. That land is Royal Garden Estate, Ajah and is now N35m. I am sure you remember clearly where you were in 2011.

6. You don’t necessarily have to live in Opulence Estate, but your land there can fetch you good millions in a short time as it is planned to be a private & exclusive estate, tailored after the likes of Northern Foreshore, Nicon Town Estate etc. There will be Estate guides for subscribers.
Opulence came into the market barely a month and has become the favorite of LandWey properties. Everyone can see its potentials & trying to get a piece. Only 90 plots available. Please don’t miss out. Bring your friends along. Don’t proscastinate on what you can afford now. You are building & storing up wealth for the future.

Of course statutory fees apply & will be communicated.

Because we will be in touch, you will thank me.
Price: N10.5m per 600sqm plot
5% discount on outright purchase
6 months instalment N11m with N2m initial deposit.

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