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Senator Shehu Sani Replies Ben Bruce, Says Nobody Was Barred From Greeting The President

Senator Shehu Sani who just lost his mom has taken to his Facebook page to address Ben Bruce’s allegation that he was prevented last night by security agents from greeting the President but another Senator was allowed. Shehu explained that, the allegation was a bit far from the truth as everyone was given a free hand.
Lol, I kinda like this open politics our senators are practicing, lool. But then they should also make how money is been spent transparent too. i.e, when someone says I spent N3bn repairing this road, and you know it is a lie, come out and say I have the facts; you spent N1.5bn and not N3bn. By so doing we would love you guys more, lol. What he wrote on his Facebook page after the cut.%25255BUNSET%25255D-9 ben shehu

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