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Shalom & Chinedu’s Flight Themed Pre-wedding Shoot Is Everything

Flying on the wings of love…

For their pre-wedding photoshoot, beautiful couple Shalom and Chinedu got extra creative and had a flight-themed shoot where Klala Photography captured some images of them on a private airplane.


The images are full of love, intimacy and reflect the deep bond the couple share.

Shalom & Chinedu004

Shalom & Chinedu005

Shalom & Chinedu007

Shalom & Chinedu008

Shalom & Chinedu009

Shalom & Chinedu010

Shalom & Chinedu021

Shalom & Chinedu022

Shalom & Chinedu023

Shalom & Chinedu024

Shalom & Chinedu001

Shalom & Chinedu002

Shalom & Chinedu003

Shalom & Chinedu012

Shalom & Chinedu015

Shalom & Chinedu016

Shalom & Chinedu017

Shalom & Chinedu018

Shalom & Chinedu019

Shalom & Chinedu020

Shalom & Chinedu025
Photography: Klala Photography @klalaphotography

Credit: Weddaily


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