Pre Wedding

Loveth & Emeka’s Breathtaking Pre-wedding Photos

Today’s stunning engagement session, photographed by Happy Benson Pixels will take your breath away.

Loveth and Emeka chose various settings for their intimate pre-wedding shoot including a beach, a hotel and an outdoor location. We can fell their love and affection for each other in each frame and can’t wait to share these awesome photos with you!

Check on it:
Loveth & Emeka001

Loveth & Emeka002

Loveth & Emeka003

Loveth & Emeka004

Loveth & Emeka005

Loveth & Emeka006

Loveth & Emeka007

Loveth & Emeka008

Loveth & Emeka009

Loveth & Emeka010

Loveth & Emeka011

Loveth & Emeka012

Loveth & Emeka013

Loveth & Emeka014

Loveth & Emeka015

Loveth & Emeka016

Loveth & Emeka017
Photography: Happy Benson Pixels | @happybensonpixels

Credit: Weddaily


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