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Engagement Session of Oyin and Tunji | Klala Photography

Oyin and Tunji’s pre-wedding shoot was so beautiful. You needed to see the smiles on their faces as they pose for each other.  They were full of excitement in every aspect. If you thought traditional attires were not great for engagement photos, this will convince you that they are! We love both looks – the black matching looks and the traditional one. In both attires, Oyin was covered, yet very chic.

For their engagement photo shoot, Klala Photography captured them in a very relaxed home setting, yet dressed so elegantly.

See what the photographer (Klala Photography) has to say:

Tunji found a great match in Oyin and they are such a delightful couple. what a beautiful and exciting per-wedding, I wonder  how fun the wedding will be. The challenge is making sure none of the different shoots look alike, which I always try to do.

The photo-shoot was very relaxed, flexible, and full of laughter. We had to scrap off many places from the initial itinerary, but with all the joy and adventure, it didn’t matter anymore. The light was our guide. We pulled over when the light told us to, then had a wonderful photo session there.

Thank you Oyin and Tunji for the unforgettable moment.



See the smile on their faces…. Can you quantify that


so much compatibility


so cute Oyin-Tunji-WEDDaily023






IMG_3038 Oyin-Tunji-WEDDaily022





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