Yagazie Emezi becomes chosen to receive the getty image creative bursary

Nigerian documentary photographer, Yagazie Emezi is among the six recipients selected for the Inaugural Creative Bursary by Getty Images and she has taken to her Instagram page to announce this. She wrote:

Excited to announce that I am among the 6 recipients selected for the @gettyimages Creative Bursary (@gettyimagescreative) for emerging photographers! Thanks to the funds, I’ll finally have some small piece of mind to set time aside to put form to the things in my head lol. Congratulations to the rest of the recipients (it was great to see a familiar name on the list representing Kenya @findingneema)! Ready for the challenge and looking forward to seeing how we make use of this opportunity to tell more of our necessary stories.

The Getty Images Bursary award which is only open to photographers under 30 or has been pursuing photography as a professional career for less than three years, was established in October 2017 to ‘provide emerging commercial talent with the financial freedom to explore their own projects of personal and creative significance projects and productions that without funding, would otherwise not get off the ground’.

The five other recipients are Neema Githere (Kenya), Oriana Koren, Jeremy Dennis, Donavon Smallwood & Tara Sellios (USA).

Yagazie Emezie is a socialedia star and vlogger, born in Aba ,Nigeria she left for the United states in ber teenage years but later returned to Nigeria. Congratulations to Yagazie Emezie!

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