See Stunning Pictures of Wife of Acting President captured by TY Bello

Wife of the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday and our very own amazing photographer TY Bello took fabulous pictures of the celebrant and she took to her Instagram page to share the pictures where she shared her conversation with the celebrant and wished her a happy birthday:

I remember sitting out in the garden with @dolapoosinbajo. She talked me through the journey of how the space was evolving and the nurturing that has had to go into getting it to where it was . .
Do you know why I like gardening so much ?… she said .. ‘apart from the fact that it’s my perfect calming escape … it’s a beautiful metaphor .. showing just how God works in our lives …
.. ‘Have you ever seen the chaos that ensues when you want to begin a new garden .. ? start by breaking .. tilling and churning rested soil… that’s what happens sometimes when God is doing something new .. He seems to ‘ruin’ everything in our comfort zone .. turning things .. as it were upside down and inside out .. pulling things out …..this chaos can live us feeling totally lost .. at that moment there are no signs of what’s coming .. We must in the mist of it never forget that there’s a master plan ..all these movements .. the breaking.. tilling .. planting .. watering .. waiting .. rearranging..are intentionally from God .. the master Gardener. He’s up to something and it’s always going to be beautiful. #tybellophotography



Credit: GberaTV


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