“When Heaven Delays”- Woman Shares Amazing Engagement Testimony, How She Celebrated 3 Year anniversary 

EJ Ono is a blogger at who recently got engaged to the love of her life! She shared this beautiful testimony on her IG page/ Blog and we couldn’t help but share with y’all. We hope you’re inspired by it. Enjoy!

EJ Ono Marriage proposal story & testimony 2

     I remember questioning God, feeling sorry for myself, always omitting the fact that I was still in school at my age ,trying to catch up and taking up jobs during my holidays just so that I can meet up with the delay in my education. I hated meeting people back then, cos they’ll ask my most dreaded  question “so, where are you now?!” And I’ll have to explain that it’s not my fault first, before I reveal that I’m not in any higher institution.

     I began to feel like all the eligible guys were taking a pass on me, because I wasn’t in school ( now I just feel like saying to them all, “thank the hell out of y’all!!!!!!!!”). I never failed JAMB once, nor PUME, I just never got admitted. Boy I wish I knew not to fuss over anything then. I’m even more glad that I didn’t try to get in through illegal or dubious means, cos I’d have probably altered God’s plan by being impatientWhen it was God’s time, I didn’t even have to do anything but study, trust God & write the exams and my name came was in the 1st admission list.

EJ Ono Marriage proposal story & testimony

 Man will never understand God’s ways. If I had gotten admission right off secondary school I’d have wasted my life in school(I know this because of  my way of life at the time); but this beautiful divine delay made me meet the people that will have lasting influence in my life, especially my spiritual life. Now I can’t help but think of the way my life would have turned out if I had gotten admitted right away; first of all my grades would have sucked , but now I’m graduating with a 4.* CGPA; I’d have exhibited embarrassing youthful exuberance but I got in when I was mature enough.


     My Brother/Sisters in Christ, please wear your “DIVINE DELAY” like a tag; because when the blessings comes, everything will make perfect sense. Don’t get impatient and try to structure your future if it means going against God’s will. God sees you, he hasn’t forgotten you but just wants you to be patient. With Admission, Child birth, Job, Marriage, Contracts, Clients or that big life-change event you’re waiting on him for. What he’s preparing for you is in line with the fulfillment of your destiny. 

It may be to cross paths (see 2Kings: 8:5) with someone that’s coming behind or protection from terrible lifestyle choices, I dunno! But I do know that it’s for a good reason. Why don’t you get busy instead, doing something that may be productive to the final big picture?! While you wait; learn a skill, discover yourself, connect with people, focus on your spiritual life.At the end of the day everything will make perfect sense.

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     If I  had gotten admission and graduated as planned by the age of 20-21…I’d have probably felt too big to court my fiancé, because he was just getting his stuffs together at the time; but everything works together for our good. Look how I’m just rounding up and he’s just ready to settle. We celebrated our three years anniversary, my 25th birthday, my graduation & got engaged on the same day ( August 21st 2016)!

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