US Air Force Lieutenant On Mission Found Dead In Abu Dhabi

A US Air Force lieutenant stationed in the United Arab Emirates as part of an anti-ISIS team has been found dead in her room.
Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of First Lt. Anais A. Tobar, 25, after her body was discovered on Monday.
The young lieutenant was in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE,

supporting a US-led Operation Inherent Resolve against ISIS extremists, according to the Department of Defense.
Friends say she was looking forward to coming home next month to see her family. ‘She told her mom on Saturday that when she came home she wanted to travel with her and her dad and take a trip. She was hoping for that,’ Mercy McGee told CBS News.


Tobar was in the Middle East as part of Operation Inherent Resolve – the US military’s name for the campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.US

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