Nigerian Bride Whose Make-Up Free Wedding Photo Went Viral Opens Up

bride who didnt use make-up on her wedding dayPhoto about a particular bride who didn’t use any make-up on her wedding day went viral a few days ago. More insights have however been given on the bride who was earlier thought to be a Ghanaian. She is actually a Nigerian whose name is Bisola Umoren.

In a recent interview, Lagos state born Bisola who is married to Philip Umoren from Akwa-Ibom sheds more light on why she decided to be make- up free on her big day unlike many other women.

One of the reasons she gave was that she wasn’t a big fan of make-up and was planning to do a mild one on her wedding day but realised she was more beautiful without make-up.

In her words:

I contacted a make-up artiste and she was on standby. On that‎ fateful morning, I was in the car and I looked at the mirror and liked what I saw. Meanwhile, because I was already running late, I had begged the make-up artiste to come over and do the make up in the church (inside the car). After all, it wasn’t supposed to be a serious thing- just small touches here and there.

So, as I stared at myself in the mirror, I looked so natural and beautiful; I really liked what I saw.Some church members also came to me and  liked my natural look and agreed with me not to make up.

She also said her husband preferred her looks without makeup.

“When my husband first met me, I had not had my bath, but he saw and fell in love with my natural look. “My hair was due, my face looked way older, I was even tying nylon on my hair when he came to me on that fateful morning, yet he loved what he saw. So, who am I supposed to be making all that up for on my wedding day?” “Secondly, For a good start, I’m not the make-up type. I don’t even wear ear-rings or like to drop my hair. I don’t like any form of inconvenience or discomfort on my face, my neck and entire body. It is not a church thing, it is just me and my personal decision.”

On her love story with her husband:

bisola and her husband

“We met last year, December 16, 2015 after I was robbed besides Abiola Garden, Lagos at about 9am. The robbery was a horrible experience; I lost my Blackberry phone, tab and some money. A close friend then volunteered to come help me massage my leg when he heard what happened to me.”

“When he was coming that morning, he came with his long time friend (who is now my husband). After the first visit, he (my husband), came back alone on December 26, to see me and that was how our relationship started. Few weeks later, he proposed because he was scared that if he wasted more time, another man would take over. (laughs).” “He is very caring. He showered me with his love and care that I had no choice but to succumb. But his tribe was almost a barrier for us; he is from Akwa-Ibom while I’m from Lagos State. We had our court registry in February 2016, barely three months after we met.”

 source:   Nigerian Celebrity News + Latest Entertainment News.


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