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Police harrass actress Mercy Aigbe in Osun state during her movie shoot

Popular Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe, reportedly had the clash with the armed police officers yesterday, April 27, 2016, while she was on a trip in Osogbo, Osun State.

According to the actress, she said she was shooting a movie in Oshogbo and was going for a break with her PA and driver, when a police van started chasing her vehicle and double crossed them, Stepping out of their van, they made straight for Mercy’s vehicle and began to slam on the bonnet demanding they stepped out of it.


mercy aigbe

The policemen started shouting and acting crazy by pointing guns at the actress when asked what the problem was. She started recording with her phone, and they became furious and collected her phones, even when her PA started recording with her Ipad, it was collected too and she received a slap.

At that point a large crowd had surrounded them and was booing the policemen who left only to call for reinforcement. The reinforcement arrived by shooting sporadically  into the air, everyone had to run for safety. The policemen forcefully collected her car keys and car documents from the driver and threatened to beat him. They ushered Mercy into her own car and a policeman drove to their headquarters.

Arriving at the station, She was taken to the office of the Commissioner of police where all was narrated. The ACP apologised and pleaded for the videos on her gadgets be deleted. Matter was settled and she resumed at her movie shooting.


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