Runtown Claims His Life is Being Threatened by His Record Label After They Slam Him with a Court Injunction

A messy drama is brewing between Afro-pop act Runtown, real name Douglas Jack Agu, and his record label, Ericmany Limited.

According to Tooxclusive, the record label has slammed the Gallardo singer with a five page injunction which prevents him from performing at any event or recording any music for the time being unless it has been first approved by them. Apparently, the label claims Runtown has been signing up for and attending musical shows without their knowledge despite the fact that they still hold the copyright to all his music.
Ecrimany Entertainment is also claiming that the 26-year-old Lagos to Kampala singer and their General Manager/Booker have been side lining the label and collecting money directly for these shows without their knowledge.
Runtown has, however, countered their lawsuit, claiming the label has been making incessant threats to his life and career. According to some documents shared online, Runtown claims his contract with the label had been void and ineffective since signing with them in 2014. His lawyer also claims his contract had been breached on several occasions, adding that the label had fraudulently converted his share of royalties gotten from live performances, ring back tunes and other mobile digital sales.
Runtown has since filed a petition with the office of the Commissioner of Police regarding the threats made to his life.
So much drama!


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