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In the spirit of good music, Peter and Paul have decided to shun all controversies attached to their talents. The energetic dancers come singers have finally taken to their advice of a large number of fans who called for them to move on. Popular Artists Peter and Paul Have a new record label. They have both decided to move on.

From a reliable source who claimed anonymity revealed that on Friday the 28th of October, 2016, the duo put pen to paper agreeing to a two year record deal with L&E Records (Life and Entertainment Records) and they have no chill to rekindle their love with fans across the globe who may have lost hope of them moving on.
Peter and Paul Sign up with new record label.

Anticipate and check on this page for the official release of Peter and Paul’s latest songs and more about their career especially on how they intend to deal with brand endorsement related issues…

Presently, Peter and Paul are set to release their first singles (audio and video) with their new label by noon of Saturday the 5th of November, 2016, after keeping all away from public reach.

Stay tuned!


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