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Glo, Take Away, Wokkman and others set to partner with Rainbow Project NG on ‘ THE EVENT’

Event Title: THE EVENT

Theme: (Varies on Location and time)

Date: April 2016 (First wave), other dates to be announced later

Venue: Ekiti State University (for first wave), Various.

Event Organizers: Rainbow Project NG


Rainbow Projects NG is aware of the world of talents that abounds in Nigerian higher institutions. Some of these talents can compete favorably in the entertainment industry. We feel that Nigerian Entertainment industry needs a major boosts in all other states of Nigeria.

This has led us to believe that it is integral for us to create a platform that showcases highly rated home grown talents thus the creation of ‘THE EVENT’ tour.

Rainbow Projects has in the past created avenues for some home grown talents to showcase their talent to a group of audience at previous events. THE EVENT will provide an avenue for Models, Fashion Designers, Comedians, Dancers and artistes as well to have a personal and firsthand experience with entertainment lovers.

-Our vision is for ‘THE EVENT’ to convey a high impact message by the way of delivering an existing and diverse entertainment concert featuring a wide spectrum of home grown talents with one focus in mind: high quality performances by a group of talented individuals who are passionate about their careers and have their voices heard, faces seen and works appreciated by the rest of Nigeria and Africa




· Unifying views of people who currently stereotypically believe that all good talents should be in Lagos.

· Deliver a quality event.

· To celebrate all differences between the minority entertainment industry.

· The development of Nigerian entertainment is critical to the psychological social growth which in itself is a framework for intellectual and social development.

· Closing the entertainment gap between Lagos and other states.


· To secure national respect for the overlooked market

· To create awareness of Nigerian home grown talents.

· To establish a unique platform featuring talents from four distinct corners of the entertainment industry Fashion, Music, Dance and Comedy performing on the same stage to open avenues for future collaborations.

· To open talks with established brands.


The psychographic profile of ‘THE EVENT’ person is discerning, trend setting, opinion forming and independent thinking.

Strong ethnic heritage but non-exclusive.

10-20 group of independent thinkers with a diversified and innovative social marketing skills.

Target audience is predominantly students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and young adults.

A class with thorough blend of traditional and new generation style of life.

Their participation can influence brand success.



Rainbow project feels that the cultural sector is a potentially significant contributor to the growth of the Nigerian Economy through the investment and support in the Nigerian Entertainment industry. The fashion, music, dance and comedy industries are critical components of our cultural industry, because they have a universal language. They have the distinctive ability to break through the constraints of cultural boundaries. We would like to see this sectors of our cultural industries become more diversified and global.

‘THE EVENT’ will be the first show that will test the limits of the national market place to discover how receptive it could be to entertainment. We are confident that ‘THE EVENT’ can provide such answers.

In future, Rainbow Project hopes to help provide the means to improve all aspects of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. Rainbow PRs have assumed this word obligation, but it is only by working together with the stakeholders in the industry, that we will realize effective protection of the Nigerian talents and the development of the Nigerian Entertainment industry without harming her cultural diversity starting with delivering a high quality show through THE EVENT.



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