Upcoming Movies to watch out for before the end of 2018

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  • While many people are of the opinion that the year is finally grinding to an end, we have some of this year’s best movies still yet to be released.

While many people are of the opinion that the year is finally grinding to an end, movies goer would probably disagree; with some of this year’s best offerings still yet to be released. While this year has already seen the release of some of the biggest flicks out of Hollywood (Mission Impossible: Fallout, Avengers; Infinity Wars, Black Panther… I’m looking at you all), however, a quick look at some of the upcoming movies in his last quarter of the year shows that we might be in for a treat. Eventnews takes a look at 8 of the biggest upcoming movies of the year.

  1. AQUAMAN (December 21)

While some of the biggest movies of this year were out of the stables of Marvel Cinematic Universe, in Aquaman, DC comics have a movie that might challenge MCU’s best offerings for the movie of year. Set in the fictional aqua city of Atlantis, the story revolves around Aquaman by Jason Mamoa (Khal Drogo of the Game of Thrones fame) as he tries to save his city from destruction. Movies-goer will remember that we have had a taste of the Aquaman in DC’s Wonder woman and if his acting there is anything to by then we are in for a treat.

  1. Halloween (October 19)

Halloween (October 19)One general observable feature of many movies released in 2018 is the sheer fact that many are either spin-offs of other movies or sequels of movies released way much earlier. It is in the second category that Halloween firmly belongs. The movie is a direct sequel of the movie released in 1978. The movie features the fictional Halloween character, Michael Meyer back at his best at murdering unsuspecting teenagers.

  1. Widows (November 16)

Widows (November 16) - Eventnews AfricaWidows is one of those movies that weigh in on the age-long saying that “whatever a man can do, a woman can do better. When their Con-men husbands are killed in a botched robbery, four women led by Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder) must join forces to avenge their death. Directed by Oscar- award winning Director, Steve McQueen, Widows has all the feature to be a classic.

  1. Mary, Queen of Scots (December 7)

Mary, Queen of Scots (December 7)I’m naturally bias towards movies that are inspired by history, it gets worse when the period of history being delineated is renaissance Britain. Mary Queen of Scots follows the rivalry of two great British families as they eye the English throne. The movie revolves around the title character, Mary’s attempt at overthrowing her cousin, Elizabeth I. The movie pits Saoirse Ronan ( Mary) against Margot Robbie (Elizabeth I).  Lovers of historical plays should keep an eye on this one.

  1. Boy Erased (November 2)

 Boy Erased (November 2) - Eventnews AfricaMovies that focus on the experiences of members of the LGBTQ communities are often unpopular here due to our stance on homosexuality. However, Boy Erased is an excellent adaptation of Garrard Conley’s acclaimed memoir. The movie features Lucas Hedges as the son of a Baptist preacher who, after being outed to his parents, is pressured into gay conversion therapy.

  1. First Man

First Man - Eventnews AfricaI can’t be the only one who associates space exploration with only Neil Armstrong. First Man is an absorbing biopic about the time and life of Neil Armstrong as he races towards accomplishing his desire to become the first man to land on the moon. Neil Armstrong will be played by multiple awards winning actor and most women man crush every day, Ryan Gosling… Brethren, please tell me what’s not to like?

  1. The Girl in the Spider’s room (November 9)

The Girl in the Spider’s room (November 9) - Eventnews AfricaWe all remember the nerdy movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, an adaptation of the novel with the same name, well, The Girl in the Spider’s Room is a sequel of sort to it. Lisbeth Salander, the iconic character is played this time by Claire Foy. The movie is scheduled to hit the Cinemas by November 9.

  1. Bad Times at the El Royale (October 12)

Upcoming Movies to watch out for before the end of 2018

Did you think I wasn’t going to add it? No way I’m going to commit the cardinal sin of the year by not including arguably the most star-studded movie of the year. Bad Times at the El Royale has an impressive assemblage of characters that include, Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Cynthia Erivo, Russell Crowe, and Dakota Johnson. The movie set in a rundown lake hotel where the path of seven characters seeking redemption meet.

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