Fasting rising Nollywood producer shoots multiple films back to back

Meet the fasting rising Nollywood producer as he shoots multiple films back to back.
There can’t be a better way to start the year than being on a film set says creative filmmaker Nwachukwu Emioma
Filmmaking gives us the opportunity to expression our innit selves through motion pictures just that its unfortunate that a lot of filmmakers misuse this irreversible opportunity. Filmmaking is my way of unwinding, easing off especially when am grieve stricken or am trying to reach out and share my opinions and thoughts on some endemic topical or socio economic issues that can be curbed or relegated to non existence
Nwachukwu Emioma, producer turned actor says this time, I am channeling my youthful energy to address the issue of infidelity in marriages. Infidelity can’t be completely erased but we need to highlight what chastity of marriage means as spouses now find delight in this sinful act of the flesh that has put divorce on the rise. Am also highlighting the need for colorful and healthy home fronts. The movie entitled Torment is a story of a husband Dave caught cheating and his eye witness wife Amaka chooses not to be confrontational about it but instead becomes nicer and more caring to her husband which seems like a threat to him than a confrontational approach knowing fully well that his wife is in the know of his extra marital affair. Amaka who is a diplomatic homemaker and would uncompromisingly give anything to make her marriage work chooses to torment her husband by making her husband’s mistress Brenda her best of friends, she also introduces Brenda to Dave’s younger brother Isreal. The story takes a twist as Brenda falls in love with Isreal and Dave’s marital home becomes Brenda’s regular hang out spot with Isreal and Dave gets helplessly jealous and confesses of his affair with Brenda just to stop Brenda from having access to his home and also to stop her affairs with his brother Isreal. Finally Amaka gets her husband back but Isreal who is madly in love is left wanting. The movie teaches women how to keep their husbands without assults or divorce of any sort
The second Super Dads, am totally against abortion, I believe any man who is man enough to have an unprotected sex with a woman should be man enough to father a child. Children are precious gifts from God and should be appreciated dearly. Super Dads is a story of three single fathers caringly babysitting their own babies from changing of baby diapers to going for baby immunization. Their career minded wives who chose their work over their own babies suddenly realizes the need for bonding with their babies and they are denied stark access. Nadia who is a model doesn’t want her body to sag in the cause of breastfeeding so she denies her unwanted baby suckling access. Gina who is a whore wants to have babies for three rich men and have three heavy bank accounts, so therefore wants to trade her baby’s paternity just to ripe Alhaji off and Rose who is a career lady dreads poverty to the extent that she will never give a minute of her time to babysitting. The men take up parenting and fulltime custodies of the babies. It’s comical an interesting for movie viewers and it parades best of Nollywood actors like Halima Abubakar, Mike Okon, Bayray Mcnwizu, Ifeanyi Kalu, Bose Alao Omotoyossi and the reigning Mr Ideal, Prince Ehirim and will be directed by Nollywood most prolific Director, Emmauel Akaemeh. Written and produced by Nwachukwu Emioma


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