The Future Of Strategic Marketing And Distribution In Nollywood Is Here

The Nigerian Movie industry popularly known as Nollywood is the world’s second largest movie producing industry by volume, worth $5 Billion as of December 2015. An average of 1500 movies are produced in Nigeria every year. Yet scourges in the forms of piracy and lack of enough distribution channels are the largest plagues eating up profits and hindering growth. Various distribution and marketing channels have been tested but the scourges still persist.
So How Exactly Can Effective Distribution And Marketing Be Achieved Within The Industry?
Nigerians more than ever spend more time feeding on videos, memes, gifs, audio and other forms of communication more than ever before. That wasn’t Nigeria 5 years ago! If we take a look at what foreign markets such as Hollywood and the Chinese market are doing, then we would have an idea of what to do next.

Nigeria’s largest Movie Database with over 5000 resources, Sodas ‘N’ Popcorn Hub has decided to take the front row seat in tackling the challenges of our industry. New Language: Technology & the Future of Film Distribution and Marketing in Nigeria is a panel event with industry leaders in the entertainment sector discussing ways in which the new technologies emerging everyday can help in making the movie industry more profitable.
This panel aims to be one of the most relevant discussions this year; as we  drive an intelligent, result oriented discussion around the new languages (videos, memes, etc) driven by technology (Algorithms driving Facebook, Google etc) and how they will lead to the future growth of the film industry.

New Language: Technology & the Future of Film Distribution and Marketing in Nigeria is a session that aims to engage with the audience to come up with practicable solutions to address the challenges facing the industry.
Members of the Panel Include the following people:
FilmOne COO, Moses Babatope
Principal Partner at The Oddlot Company, Olayinka Epega
Filmmaker and CEO of Anthill Studios, Niyi Akinmolayan
CEO of Agency 106, Isioma Osaje
Lead Developer, Websphere CO, Joseph Iruefemi
CEO 360 Group, Noble Igwe.
The event will be moderated by the Founder and CEO of Sodas ‘N’ Popcorn Hub, Awojide Olumuyiwa S.
Takeaways from the Session:
Learn how piracy and bad distribution channels are killing the film industry
Understand how New Languages of Technology such as Facebook Live can help films reach a wide market
Discover distribution channels that help films get delivered in the hands of their target audience
Who should attend this session?
– Marketing professionals within the entertainment industry
Movie producers, makers, distributors, and marketers.
Movie enthusiasts who are big supporters of Nollywood.

To be part of this event, visit this link and click on “Buy Pass” to register for free

Source: 360Nobs


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