Blade Runner 2 Has Found Its Female Lead

Blade Runner came out in theaters over 30 years ago,
but that long period of time isn’t stopping a revisit to
this dystopian cyberpunk world. While Harrison Ford
will reprise his role as Rick Deckard, Blade Runner 2 is
primarily filling up with new names. The latest
newcomer to join the ranks is Knock Knock star Ana de
This casting announcement comes from The Wrap, which
reports that Ana de Armas will have a leading role in
the movie. Beyond that, no character details were
provided, but you’ll be seeing a lot of her once the
movie hits theaters. Armas’ character is likely one of
the three previously reported key female roles, one of
which was already snatched by House of Cards star
Robin Wright. Along with Ford, de Armas and Wright,
Blade Runner 2 ’s cast so far consists of Ryan Gosling
and Dave Bautista, but just like with de Armas, details
regarding the new people are being kept under wraps.


After appearing in Spanish-language movies and TV
shows, like Sex, Party and Lies and The Boarding
School , Ana de Armas’ first major English-language
project was the 2015 movie Knock Knock , appearing
alongside Keanu Reeves. She reunited with Reeves for
Exposed, and her other upcoming projects include
Hands of Stone , War Dogs and the French blockbuster
Overdrive . It’s safe to assume, however, that Blade
Runner 2 will be her biggest appearance yet.
Without anymore details, it’s impossible to say whether
Ana de Armas’ character will be a human or a Replicant
in Blade Runner 2 , but because she’s one of the leads,
it’s a good bet she’ll have at least some interactions
with Rick Deckard. Maybe she’ll be one of his new
human allies or maybe she’ll be a Replicant who seeks
him out for unknown reasons. I’m leaning towards the
latter, but until Warner Bros releases more story
details, feel free to speculate in the comments section.
Taking place 30 years after 1982’s Blade Runner,
Blade Runner 2 will continue the story of an Earth
which has genetically-engineered beings known as
Replicants, who look just like humans and were created
by the Tyrell Corporation. Despite being exiled from
Earth for menial word on off-world colonies, some
Replicants manage to get back to Earth, forcing them
to be hunted down and “retired” by special police
officers known as Blade Runners. The original movie
followed Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner who took one
last assignment before leaving the job, but soon got
caught in a mysterious conspiracy. We’ll find out what
he’s up to three decades later, as well as learn how
these new folks fit into the sequel.
Blade Runner 2 is being directed by Sicario’s Denis
Villenueve, taking over for Ridley Scott, who will still
act as a producer. Blade Runner co-writer Hampton
Fancher worked with Michael Green on the script.
Originally set for January 2018, it’s now set to hit
theaters on October 6, 2017. We’ll keep you updated
on any more developments surrounding the production.


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