Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Revealed, She Is Too Hot To Handle


Usain Bolt,  Jamaican sprinter. Regarded as the fastest human being ever timed’

Usain Bolt’s girlfriend has been revealed. Her name is  Kasi Bennett, a fashionista.They have been dating for over two years.

Bolt, who has kept his relationship away from public eye, described the 26-year-old as being a ‘special person’ in his life.

She has been supporting the athlete all through the Rio Olympics.

See photos and watch video of them  kissing out in public during a parade in New Kingston back in April:


Meet-Usain-Bolts-smoking-hot-girlfriend3 Meet-Usain-Bolts-smoking-hot-girlfriend2 Meet-Usain-Bolts-smoking-hot-girlfriend1

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