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The Real Face of An African Child

The African child is a peculiar child faced with cultural, social and economic challenges often stigmatized, yet budding with gifts and talents and need to be giventhe right opportunities to shine because the Africa of tomorrow will inherit the children of today.


“The Real Face Of An African Child” was created to bring attention to the children all around Africa who suffer from exploitation, violence and discrimination, thus, breaking the cycle of disadvantaged children and the ugly image  and perception surrounding the African Child.


The platform is particular about the carriage and charisma in the African child, their God given innate raw talents. The train of events will run through the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

“The Real face of an African child” is a rewarding platform with the commitment to provide benefits that will support the African child in the area of education, health and capacity building.

For this year’s edition, winners will be rewarded as follows: A brand new family car and scholarship from primary school to the University will be given to the winner, while the first runner up will go away with 1 million Naira cash reward and scholarship from primary school to the University,  The second runner up  gets 500, 000 Naira cash reward and scholarship from primary school to the University.


The Real Face of an African Child is the brainchild of HOPE ALIVE CONCEPTS, for further information visit the official website

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