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Pope Francis Joins Instagram – See a reaction to this

I came across this post on Facebook and I thought it was worth sharing.


This piece was put together by Ayo-Ajayi Jobz Schmo.

”Pope Francis, the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Faith, joins INSTAGRAM today.

A little over a week ago, my aunt was talking about the visit the pope made to the tomb of a woman (hiss ecretary) who was diabetic and died with a pregnancy of 7months which belonged to her boyfriend – she and her husband had been separated for long.
Pope Francis visited her tomb with 12 (Twelve) baskets of White Roses. To lay what can be said to be the best wreath any dead person could ask for. Lips wagged. Mouths gossiped. Heads turned. Everybody with their own opinion. 

They said if he could do that, that means he is too complacent to allow someone who worked so closely with him to be involved in such affairs. I told my aunt “I have always said, this is the most reasonable and liberal pope the world has seen”. We couldn’t have forgotten his visit to Arabia is the first few months of his appointment to visit Moslem Clerics. And how he identified with gay people.

The message is this: Nobody, Nobody is a saint. Nobody is holier than the next person. This beautiful pope understands this. We try, oh, we try to act faithful and all, when there’sactually so much dirt and blemish in us.  Here’s a pope, down to earth, letting his human side show, not forming saint. And don’t nobody dare say shit about his pattern.

The one who retired, Benedict the XVI. Didn’t we all see the news that came to light of his intimate relation with a woman before his appointment? And the kind of letters they exchanged?. Live how best you can. And keep your damned nose out of other people’s godamned business.

On this day, the 19th of March, 2016AD, The Year of Our Lord.
Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of The Roman Catholic Faith joins INSTAGRAM. Tell me when a better time to be alive is.‪
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