Throwback pictures of pastor Chris in his youthful years

This throwback photo of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in his youthful years has gone viral on social media and everyone is talking about it.

Young Pastor Chris leading worship session

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the president of believer’s love world ministries also known as Christ Embassy. The 52-year old man has several arms of his church scattered around the world and has been touching lives through his ministry since it started.

He is said to be worth over 30 million dollars and even at that, he is one of the wealthy pastors in Nigeria. He was married to his former wife, Anita for 25 solid years before she filed for divorce in 2016.

The well known pastor has broken the internet with throwback photos of him in youthful years. The photos show him leading a worship session and preaching the gospel with a hang sign of “love world” behind him as he talked about God. See more photos of young Pastor Chris below:

Pastor Chris preaching the gospel

Young Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

How time flies and changes a lot of things.


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