HOLY GHOST CONGRESS – The Great Shepherd

HOLY GHOST CONGRESS – The Great Shepherd Date: 8th – 13th December/2014
Venue: Redemption Camp. KM 46 Lagos
Ibadan Express Way Ogun State

We welcome you to a special encounter with the Great Shepherd at this year’s Congress. We are highly delighted to see you again, knowing that you made it to this congress despite all the devil had planned and done. The One who promised you more abundant life is ever willing, ever able and ever faithful to keep you.

We give Him all the glory for what he did over the past one year in your life, family, work, the church and the nation. May He be highly exalted in Jesus’ name!

This year’s Congress promises to be quite remarkable as we celebrate the Great Shepherd Himself – His goodness, His love and His faithfulness. He guides, protects, provides and sustains. Whatever your situation, He is present and ready to meet you at the very point of your need. Just put your faith in Him and come before Him with prayer and thanksgiving. You shall not ask in vain in the mighty name of Jesus.


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