Dame Barbara says farewell to EastEnders

Dame Barbara Windsor has said her final farewell to EastEnders with her character Peggy Mitchell seen apparently taking an overdose of pills.

Viewing figures peaked at eight million during the show’s final minutes.

Peggy, who had cancer, was seen talking to the ghost of her friend, Pat Butcher, before taking some unidentified pills.

“I will go as I have lived,” she said to Pat. “Straight back, head high, like a queen.”

Dame Barbara, 78, recently returned for the former landlady’s final episodes.

In a poignant final scene, Peggy hallucinated the return of her former love rival-turned-friend Pat, played by Pam St Clement, who died from cancer in the soap in 2012.

The BBC said EastEnders has “a rich history of tackling difficult social issues and Peggy’s story is one of these”.


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